Flight Logs

Pilots don’t fly because they love admin.

With Pilot Assist Pro™’s flight logging capabilities, you can record detailed flight times with a single tap of your iPhone or iPad screen.

Record and backup all of your flight data (crew, fuel, tacho and more) without having to look for your pen.

(It’ll be under the passenger seat, by the way)

Tap for Off Blocks. Tap for Takeoff. You’ve got this.

Aviate. Navigate. Communicate. Administrate.

Flight admin is no-one’s favourite activity, but it has to be done. Ever guessed the your off-blocks time because you forgot to write it down? Or got home and realised that you’ve thrown away the scrap of paper that you wrote the Hobbs readings on? Be honest.

We’re all human, and high workload times like takeoff and landing are when we’re most likely to forget this stuff.

With Pilot Assist Pro™, you record all flight data (such as crew information, callsign, fuel and more) direct in the app via your iPhone or iPad.

Ready to taxi? Just tap ‘off-blocks’. Cleared for departure? Just tap ‘takeoff’. You get the idea.

Pilot Assist Pro™ will capture your exact times and store it alongside your other flight data. It’ll even do your flight time, fuel consumption and other calculations for you. You can also enter personal notes (and images using your device’s camera) for any important information that you want to be recorded against your flight.

With the tap of the screen, all of this data is uploaded to the Cloud via Dropbox™, and you have your entire flight data safe and secure.

When you’re back in the crew room, you can access the data in a variety of formats including .txt, .pdf or straight into a spreadsheet with .csv.

Flight log functionality on the Pilot Assist Pro app

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